Durable Sunrooms in Poway, CA

If you want to add a sunroom to your home in Poway, CA, why not turn to the company that has been successfully manufacturing these products since 1947 – Poway, California Sunrooms and Patio Room Preferred Pros? They use some of the most experienced sunroom manufacturers in the nation, with preferred contractors who can expertly install a sunroom at your home.

We all wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today if we didn’t have a long-lasting product, and services which is exactly what you can count on from our sunroom preferred contractors.

Sunroom features:

  • Our vinyl composite construction, as used in the Omega series room, is unique to the sunroom and patio room industry.
  • Tuff-Core is made of expanded polystyrene, the same material used in freezer walls, refrigerators, coolers, etc. The energy conserved in heating and cooling quickly pays for itself.
  • Our WeatherGuard™ Roof System is the ultimate solid roof system for patio rooms, gabled rooms, and patio covers. Features solid foam and aluminum construction for a highly insulated, attractive, and durable roof on your sunroom.
  • For our glass roof sunrooms we offer a new high performance single pane product and a new “SmartGlass” family of double pane high performance glass products that outperform all competitive products in their class.

What’s more, these sunrooms come in numerous styles to suit all types of design preferences. You can select from studio, solarium, cathedral, and California styles. If none of those options complement your home, you can custom your Poway, CA sunroom.

To schedule an appointment Call us today for your Free In-Home consultation with one of our Poway, California preferred sunroom contractors.

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