Sunrooms Complement All Styles of Homes in La Mesa, CA

La Mesa, California Sunrooms, and Patio Rooms preferred contractors build beautifully designed sunrooms that come in an array of styles to suit a wide variety of preferences. Whether you’re looking for a simple sunroom that will offer the perfect aesthetic for your home or a more ornate sunroom that has exquisite appeal, our preferred contractors have the perfect option for your La Mesa, CA Home. They have been designing and constructing these enclosures since 1947, so you could say they have plenty of expertise in this industry.

Here are some of the styles offered:

  • Solarium – An all-glass roof is the defining characteristic of this style, allowing you to enjoy the full effect of the sunshine on beautiful days.
  • Cathedral – With vaulted ceilings and a classic aesthetic, this style is best-suited for two-story homes that have traditional construction.
  • Studio – This style is the most simple sunroom available and is ideal for one-story homes due to its gentle roof pitch.
  • Santa Fe – The Santa Fe sunroom has a roof trimmed in pergola lattice to give it a Mediterranean style, perfect for homeowners who like a little showmanship in their design.
  • Additionally, these sunrooms aren’t just constructed with beauty in mind; they’re also durable and energy efficient. Constructed from Vinyl construct with structural reinforcing materials to help protect against heat and cold, they will maintain their beautiful appearance for decades without incurring any damage or insect infestation. Even better, they feature high-performance glass and thermal roof systems to offer terrific energy efficiency.

Contact La Mesa, California Sunrooms, and Patio Rooms today to get your FREE in-home consultation and estimate from one of our preferred contractors.


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